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graham morrell

2nd April 2015

graham morrell gave HiQ Ludlow 1/5

I visited this store for two new tyres on rear due to wear on outside edge. Also there was slight pulling to the left. The mechanic who i dealt with was very pleasant and polite. I explained that i was concerned about the uneven wear on rear tyres and was told " Dont worry we would look after you". I purchased two new tyres and was told that i would need two more on the fron soon so buy them now and i will give you a good price, so i did. He said their four wheel tracking would solve everything. I left car with them and collected it later that day. I was told tracking was way out and all is now in spec. After paying nearly £250 away i went with peace of mind. the pulling to the left was still there but hardly noticable. BUT after 13 weeks of driving i noticed the same tyre wear on rear tyres. I took my car back, was met by a different mechanic who was as polite as the first. Up on the ramps it went, he called me to look under car and showed me the guage and how much my rear wheels were out of spec, exactly the same as before. i said you were supposed to have done this when i had the new tyres. his reply, " YOU CANT AJUST THE REAR WHEELS ON THIS CAR" SO WHY charge me for it, and WHY sell me tyres KNOWING the problem had NOT been solved. They just obviously wanted my money. Disgracefull service

Head Office

16th April 2015

Hi Graham, we take all Customer comments very seriously and if we had have been notified at Head office we could have resolved your issues.

Your tracking was carried and unfortunately this hasn’t resolved your issue and we would like the opportunity to sort this issue for you

If you email your contact details to Hiqhenley@eurofitautocentres.co.uk  I will ensure our customer service advisor contacts you promptly to resolve this

We value all Customers and you have kindly stated that our staff where polite and tried to help you but due to the possibilities of other factors the tracking hasn’t resolved your issue.  


kevin adfams

7th January 2015

kevin adfams gave HiQ Ludlow 5/5

went in on spec for 4x winter tyres for a skoda. unknown to me was each wheel having one spline fitting wheel stub for which no one had a tool ( even the local skoda garage) - the staff spent a good hour getting the 4 wierd studs off and then replacing the tyres. - service way beyond what most tyre fitters would have done,. cant praise them highly enough.

Gavin Price

20th November 2014

Gavin Price gave HiQ Ludlow 5/5

The staff were friendly and efficient, this is the second time I have visited since Hi-Q took over and it seems that word is getting out about the improved service.


wide range of services on offer so I will definitely be visiting again and with my wife's car also.



2nd November 2014

LEE HILL gave HiQ Ludlow 5/5

recommend to anyone

Ray Foster

23rd October 2014

Ray Foster gave HiQ Ludlow 5/5

Needed a full set of tyre, not being local I decided to use ASDA Tyre system.

This pointed to HiQ Ludlow. Never been there before, found it (directions were spot on) greeted by Staff as if I was a regular.

Really knowledgeble, friendly, and fast - swapped a couple of jokes etc (try that in Kwikfit).

Although I live in the West Country, I would certainly use HiQ Ludlow in prefference to many others.

Great experience all round. - Well done.

Mark Tate

22nd September 2014

Mark Tate gave HiQ Ludlow 5/5

The Staff at Ludlow Hi Q were increadibly friendly and helpfull explained everything very well. They were very knowledgeable and made me feel like a valued customer instantly.

kevin adams

21st September 2014

kevin adams gave HiQ Ludlow 5/5

I got a puncture on a trailer with a full load. I took the tyre to the ludlow Hi Q and although it was after closing time they stayed open and repaired the tyre.

Excellent service and very nice chaps. I would definately use them again


Janet Langford

20th September 2014

Janet Langford gave HiQ Ludlow 5/5

I booked a full service and MOT for my Nissan X Trail.The Ludlow Store is really convenient for me but what really impressed me was the excellent service offered by members of staff when booking in and the professional way in which they conducted the Service and MOT. They made contact with me by telephone during the service to update me with what was required and completed everything within a day. Their prices are very competitive and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend HiQ Ludlow to any of my friends or family and will certainly be returning next year -Thank you!

naomi sales

15th September 2014

naomi sales gave HiQ Ludlow 5/5

speedy service and good price


13th September 2014

harriet.smith gave HiQ Ludlow 5/5

Excellent service throughout the mot very friendly and professional service will be going back and I have recommended ludlow hi q to all my friends and family very pleased thank you to all the team 

Ian McCombs

10th July 2014

Ian McCombs gave HiQ Ludlow 5/5

Despite my turning up unannounced (I.T glitch), the staff were friendly, helpful and unfazed. After a quick chat, a full service and MOT were arranged, we left the car with them, whilst we went to enjoy a day in Ludlow. They kept us posted on the progress and when we went to collect found that a problem diagnosed by a Ford dealership (£180 to fix), had been rectified in the service. I left with a feeling that the team members here took a real pride in their work and went out of their way to help and explain the work undertaken. All this whilst providing excellent value for money. I will certainly be coming back for any future services.

Rob Smith

4th July 2014

Rob Smith gave HiQ Ludlow 4/5

Great place to go really. Only place in Ludlow that I can trust really. Been using the hiq in Hereford for a while but live local to Ludlow now so was more convenient. I own a peugeot which come with awkward center-less alloy wheels which many tyre places don't have the attachment for balancing but hiq Ludlow sorted me out. They offered to buy in the type of tyre I like (Uni royal rain sport 3 205/40/17) even though they don't regularly stock them at a competitive price. Tracking was done quickly and a free retrack was offered as I'd told them the lower ball joint and track rod end would be changed and they told me to bring it back and they'd sort it all out for me. Brilliant lads and friendly.

Many thanks!

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Fill in your details and we'll find the right tyres for you at your nearest HiQ Centre



Fill in your details and we’ll find the right tyres for you at your nearest HiQ centre



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  5. EIndicates the maximum speed for the tyre
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