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Part Worn Tyres are false economy and unsafe.

With the slow recovery of the UK's economy, more motorists are opting to choose second hand/part-worn tyres as a cheap alternative, however this may be a false economy.

Tyre A: Mid range tyre £56.96 fitted. A tyre with 6.4mm of useable tread. That's 8mm (new tyre tread) minus the legal tread limit of 1.6mm
Tyre B: Second hand/part-worn tyre £15 fitted. A tyre with 1.4mm of useable tread. That's 3mm (average part-worn tread) minus the legal tread limit of 1.6mm

The diagram demonstrates that 'Tyre A' has far more useable tread. To get the equivalent from a part-worn you'd need almost 5 tyres to get the same tread as a new one, costing an additional £71 per tyre. As you can see, it makes sense to fit new tyres straight away.

At 50mph in wet conditions worn tyres add two car lengths to your stopping distance*

As tyre tread wears down, the braking distance increases over time. As you can see from the chart above, optimum grip is achieved with full tread from a brand new tyre. With part-worn tyres, they're often fitted with 3mm depth therefore stopping distances are increased and your overall safety could be put a risk.

  • There could be damage you can't see by eye. Tyres damaged by impact can have unstable stress points leading to blowouts(1).
  • Worn tyres don't last as long. So in the long run they could turn out more expensive.
  • If there's anything wrong with your tyres which leads to an accident, this can invalidate your insurance(2).
  • Bumps can appear inside or outside after an impact on a tyre. If these go unnoticed they can cause a potentially dangerous blowout.
  • You won't always know its history. Was it from an accident car? A family car? A cast-off from another country? Is it worth it ?