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Part Worn Tyres are cheaper. But at what cost?

As your local tyre experts we understand tyres inside and out. It's why we feel it necessary to bring you up to speed about the possible hazards of fitting part-worn tyres (also called used or second hand) from an unreliable source. The first misconception is that they're simply 'worn' and that everything else is ok.

The truth is that for a lot of part-worn tyres you never really know their past. Some are from scrapped cars. Some have come from accident cars. Some are just from other countries where the legal tread depth is higher than ours. It's why there can be a lot of hidden problems lurking. We take tyre safety very seriously indeed. If there's even a small chance that a tyre might not perform as it should, we could never recommend or sell them, no matter how cheap they are.


A false economy and safe?