Caring for the Environment

HiQ's Commitment to Recycling

At HiQ, we care about our future. When it comes to the environment, HiQ believes in action not just words. So we find safe, creative ways to re-use or recycle all the old tyres we remove from customer's vehicles.

Recycling at our HiQ Centres

HiQ's centre in Nottingham is a flagship store which aims to be the model of recycling excellence for the entire network. The forecourt surface at Nottingham is produced entirely out of recycled tyres. This non-toxic, odour-free surface offers impact resistance for safety and provides additional sound insulation, helping to reduce another environmental pollutant - noise.

All our centres also use in-store stationery items and merchandise including mouse mats, pens and note pads made from tyres and other recyclable car parts.

Responsible Recycling Scheme

We also work in partnership with other organisations to reduce the impact on the environment by identifying and developing processes to recycle tyres and other vehicle parts effectively. For example, HiQ is a member of the Responsible Recycling Scheme and takes the issue very seriously.