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What do I do if my car fails its MOT?

Firstly, don’t worry - we’re here to help! We’ll give you a report of the reasons why your car didn’t pass, advice on how much this will cost and get you booked in for a retest.

What is an MOT test?

An MOT is a little health check for your car to check test the road safety and environmental standards of the vehicle. All vehicles over 3 have to have one every year. Need one? Book yours here.

What does a Silver Service include?

Fancy our Silver Service? We don’t blame you, It includes draining and replacing your oil, oil filter and screen wash fluid - not to mention a thorough inspection of everything from your shock absorbers to your exterior lights. And all for a brilliant fixed price. Book yours here.

What does a Gold Service include?

From checking seat belt operation to the exhaust system; brake pipes to suspension springs - our comprehensive Gold Service gives your car some serious TLC. We’ll also replace your engine oil, oil filter, engine air filter, spark plugs (and where applicable points and condenser). What more could you ask for? Lubricated grease nipples? We’ll do that too. Book yours here.

What is a Platinum upgrade?

Go for a Platinum upgrade and we’ll clean your fuel and oil systems, improve your car’s performance with an advanced formula motor flush and advanced formula gas treatment – lovely stuff. Book yours here.

What is a warranty approved service?

Our services are approved so your warranty will stay intact. Meaning you can expect the same kind of premium service you would expect from a main dealer - without the premium price. Sound good? Book here.

What is an MOT reminder?

Your MOT comes around every year so we offer handy email reminders to, well, remind you. Interested? Sign up for yours here.

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