HiQ Network

Welcome to HiQ, the home of ‘fast fit you can be sure of’

Our national network consists of over 126 centres and over 200 online online partners, all helping to bring trust into the fast fit industry. At HiQ we only ever sell you what you need and only ever ask you to pay what we quote. By always providing a service that you can be sure of, we take the uncertainty and stress out of looking after your car. And we’re pretty sure that’s what keeps all our customers coming back!

Our Network

The HiQ network uses a franchise system, meaning each of our 126 centres is owned and run by a local team. These teams of experienced, trustworthy experts are the heart of HiQ, busy bringing our ‘fast fit you can be sure of’ to their own area.

If you'd like to know more about joining the HiQ family, check out our dedicated Franchise area.