Wednesday, 6th May 2020

The HiQ fast fit network has praised its network of 'responsible retailers' for their ongoing recycling efforts.

All of the HiQ's 150 fast fit centres are recommended to use the Responsible Recycler Scheme (RRS) which commercial manager Farrell Dolan has dubbed a 'a great guide to responsible disposers who share HiQ's desire to protect the environment'

Farrell also said the industry should be congratulated for its recycling efforts, in spite of negative perceptions surrounding the issue that continue to exist.

He said: "There is an element of bad press that exists around the fast fit industry and its recycling practices, but the industry performs extremely well.

"It is very good in terms of self policing and there are a great number of responsible retailers that take recycling extremely seriously, HiQ is one of those retailers."

Every HiQ centre in the UK works with a RRS accredited recycling company to dispose of its old tyres legally, to ensure that as much of each tyre is used again once its working life has ended.

HiQ's flagship Nottingham centre is an example of the network's best practice methods, boasting a forecourt produced entirely of recycled tyres.

Mouse mats, pens and notepads were also produced from tyres and other recyclable car parts.

Farrell said: "Our obligation to our franchisees is to outline their duty of care in terms of recycling and ensure that they understand what their responsibilities are in this important area of the tyre industry."

"The success of the scheme is in the hands of retailers, and they are delivering."

"The only comment I would make is that customers should hear more about the industry's success at disposing of tyres."