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Live service updates with our online chat

We reckon most people get more information about their Deliveroo order than they do from their service workshop.

With ‘Customer Lounge’ our simple online chat tool, you can stay up to date while your vehicle is with us. No more missed calls or trouble getting through on the phone…

  • Stay in touch on your device at a time that suits you.
  • See videos of work that needs doing
  • Authorise repairs at a touch of a button
  • Convenient payments online

Because we want you to come back to see us again and again.

Live service updates online chat

Our new way of staying in touch

You may have already received a text or email confirming your booking and inviting you to CustomerLounge.

CustomerLounge is a simple new chat tool that we are using to keep you better informed during your visit.

It lets you view your booking details and exchange instant messages with our service team.

How does it work?

CustomerLounge is very simple to use! Click on the link in the text message or email to launch it in your web browser. From here, you can send us an instant message and view booking details and dealership information. On the day of your visit, we will use CustomerLounge to keep you updated and for when we need to get in contact with you. You’ll receive a text and/or email letting you know when we’ve sent you a message which you simply click to view.

Why CustomerLounge?

Due to the volume of customers we see in each day, general enquiries and bookings we take, we know it can sometimes be difficult to get through to your advisor on the phone. We also know that it’s not always convenient for you to take a phone call when we need to speak to you. That’s why we’ve come up with a better way…

CustomerLounge allows you to quickly send a message directly to your advisor, and us to send you a message without interrupting your day. No more missed calls or trouble getting through on the phone…you’ll get a notification when we’re trying to contact you, and you can respond to your advisor when it’s convenient.

Your customers want to engage digitally

Now you can make it happen

Customers get more information from their Deliveroo order than their car service. No wonder the vast majority say they would use an online service if the dealership offered it. Traditional phone call updates during a service visit simply aren’t convenient for them: like so many of their other interactions, customers prefer updates on their mobiles that they can check while at work or on the move.

In automotive aftersales, customers are missing out on the experience they expect, and you’re missing out on increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales. CustomerLounge is here to change that.


HiQ & Castrol Henley is the UK’s first independent workshop accredited carbon neutral by bp Target Neutral.

Engine Warranty Programme

Castrol are confident in the quality of their engine oils. No compromises. Castrol Engine Warranty is available to customers who have had their car oil changed with Castrol EDGE, MAGNATEC or GTX products at HiQ & Castrol Henley.

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Castrol lubricants

Castrol is home to some of the world's leading motor oils, including Castrol EDGE, Castrol MAGNATEC and Castrol GTX.



When booking any full or interim service at our Henley workshop



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