Why It Pays to a Have a More Positive Approach

Most batteries don't require regular maintenance; however it's always good to check on them every now and then. Although you can service your battery yourself, battery acid is highly corrosive, so we recommend you leave it to the experts.

At every HiQ Centre, our highly trained HiQ technicians provide a comprehensive battery service including battery checks and a new battery selection and fitting service. As we care about the environment as much as your car, we also dispose of old or dead units carefully and responsibly.

What to do if you have a flat battery

When everything is fine and dandy, your battery is normally recharged as you drive. But if something goes wrong, or you leave your electrics on when you're parked, the juice can be drained and not replaced. If you think your battery is flat, our 'Get Yourself Going Again Guide' shown below can help. We can't promise it will work every time, but it might get you going when you really need it.

  • If your engine is trying to turn over, there's still a chance to get it going.
  • Check to see if any interior or exterior electricals have been left on. If they are, turn them off.
  • Don't attempt a restart for 20 mins (it can take this long for a battery to regain enough power to run the starter motor).
  • After 20 minutes, try turning the key again. Hopefully, this time it'll start!
  • If you're finding you have to do this on a regular basis, or that your battery drains without leaving any electrics on, your problem could be a little more serious. But panic not. Come and see us and we'll give your battery a proper check.