Total Clutch Control

When it comes to keeping your clutch in order, we've got everything under control. Before fitting a new clutch we'll always assess the car first, just to check that the problem isn't elsewhere. Symptoms associated with a clutch often turn out to be something different such as a slipping fan belt or engine revving.

If after an assessment we find a problem with your clutch you can rely on our experienced technicians to fit one for you.

Here are a few symptoms of a burnt out clutch. If you experience any of these, please call in to see us.

  • Difficulty in engaging gear
  • A crunching noise
  • Juddering when pulling away from a stationary position
  • The engine RPM increases when the throttle pedal is depressed, but vehicle speed doesn't increase.
  • A burning smell

If you have any doubts about your clutch or you have any questions, why not call in for a no-obligation clutch test? It's completely free.