How to Use Jump Leads - It Only Takes About 10 Mins

When using jump leads, a simple and helpful acronym to remember is…GaBLE - Good and Bad, Live(+) then Earth(-).

Connect a 'good' battery to your 'bad' one using the live (+) lead and terminal. Then attach the earth lead to the engine block or chassis member (DO NOT attach it to the negative (-) battery terminal of the 'bad' battery.)

Once connected, start the 'good' car first and leave its engine running, then try turning on the ignition of your car.

Once your engine is running smoothly, remove the leads in reverse order, one at a time.

Whatever you do, don't switch your engine off now. It'll take a 20 min drive with the radio and other non-essential electricals off to fully recharge the battery - so you won't have to repeat the process all over again when you stop.

If your battery continues to lose it's charge contact your local HiQ centre who will be happy to provide assistance.