Suspension Problems? Watch Us Spring Into Action

Suspension systems offer more than just a comfortable journey. They also dramatically affect your car's handling and braking, not to mention reducing road noise and protecting the car's frame from damage and wear.

If you've started to notice changes in any of these, it might be worth letting us look at your suspension. Our HiQ team will check over your springs, shock absorbers and linkages. Then if anything needs replacing or rebalancing, we can sort it out for you.

What we don't know about suspensions isn't worth knowing

In general, there are two kinds of suspension systems (it doesn't matter if you don't know what kind your car has, we'll be able to work it out. And we have the know-how to handle both of them).

  • Dependent suspension

    These normally have a simple beam that holds wheels parallel to each other and perpendicular to the axle. When the vertical position of one wheel changes positively, the vertical position of the opposite wheel changes negatively. And vice versa.

  • Independent suspension

    This does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows all wheels to rise and fall on their own without affecting the others. There are other variants such as semi-dependent suspensions or interconnected suspensions.