Helping You Stay on Track

Tracking, or wheel alignment is not only important for good hold on the road, it also helps you get more miles out of your tyres. If you ever clip a curb, or drive through a pot hole, you might find that your wheel alignment is thrown out.

The HiQ team are experts in tracking and will check the angle and direction at which the tyres are set. These will be checked against the manufacturers' specifications to ensure your car is in tip top shape.

New 4 Wheel Laser Alignment

At HiQ we have access to cutting-edge equipment that uses laser technology to ensure precise alignment between all 4 wheels. Our trained staff will use the equipment to find any alignment problems and will sort them out for you as quickly as possible. Why not find out if 4 Wheel Laser Alignment is available at your local HiQ centre?

To benefit from longer-lasting tyres, improved handling and more mileage for your money, come in and see us today.

Why it's important to have your wheels aligned:

  • Longer lasting tyresMisaligned wheels can increase tyre wear, which means you'll need to replace them sooner. You can save yourself time and tyres by checking your alignment regularly.
  • More miles for your moneyIf your wheels are misaligned they have to work harder, which means your car will use more fuel.
  • Better handlingMisalignment may mean that your car pulls to one side, or that the steering wheel vibrates. With total alignment, road shock is absorbed and your car will be easier to handle.
  • Safer drivingWhen we align your wheels, we'll also check the suspension system, which enables us to spot worn parts before they cause any costly problems.

Positive Toe

This will cause the outer edge of your tyre tread to wear and is when the leading edge of the wheels are closer together.

Negative Toe

This will cause the inner edge of your tyre tread to wear and is when the leading edge of the wheels are further apart.

This causes wear on the outer shoulder edges of your tyre and the top of the wheel leans away from the car.