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What is aquaplaning?

Aquaplaning is when the tyre loses contact with the wet road because of the impossibility of expelling water away from the contact patch (area of the tread in contact with the road) due to these conditions.

What is the average running temperature of a standard road tyre in use? Racing tyre in use?

In normal UK driving temperatures can vary widely depending on vehicle weight, driving styles and speed. For speeds up to 70mph temperatures can vary from anything between 25°c-70°c. The average running temperature of a racing tyre can be between 80°c-100°c.

What is alignment?

A vehicle is properly aligned when the steering and suspension are sound, and the tyre and wheel assemblies are running straight. It is necessary to have proper alignment to gain precise steering and handling. Signs of misalignment are; uneven tyre wear or changes in a vehicles steering. If these signs show then the vehicle may need to be realigned.

What should be done if a vibration is noticed?

It may be best to take the tyres back to the service centre who sold you the tyres to get them to rebalance the wheels. Other checks to make would be for uneven wear or flat spots. See our chamber of horrors which goes over the causes of some of these conditions.

There are various tests HiQ Centre's can also make to solve a vibration issues.

  • If the tyres are new, taking them off the rim turning 180 degrees and putting them on the rim again can solve vibration issues. It may also be advisable to get them to check the amount of weight used to balance the tyres. Tyres and rims should also be watched to see if there is any movement up and down as well as side to side.
  • Should the above not solve the issue moving the wheels to another axle i.e. front to rear etc may show if there is a tyre / rim issue or not. If the vibration moves to where the tyres/rims were placed then further investigation can be made by moving one of the tyres/rims back to the other axle. If the vibration follows the one tyre or rim the dealer will have isolated the issue.
  • Should the vibration always remain in the same place then further investigation to the vehicle may need to be made.