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all season tyres

We all know British weather is ever-changing and can be completely unpredictable. You head out with your sunglasses on, but your brolly in your bag for the afternoon downpour. Which is why your tyres need to be able to handle all types of weather that you could face.

What are all-season tyres?

All-season tyres are adapted to provide drivers with consistent tyre performance in all weather conditions year-round, combining the driving characteristics of both summer and winter tyres.

What is it that provides all season tyres with their year-round performance?

All season tyres consist of a unique compound that works to maintain rubber elasticity in cold weather, providing you better grip and control in adverse conditions. In addition, they have specially designed tread patterns that consist of multiple grooves, known as ‘sipes’, which provide added aquaplaning resistance to help keep you safe in those heavy downpours.

Why all-season tyres?

With low average temperatures in the winter and consistent rainfall all year round, many UK drivers choose All Season tyres as a cost-efficient alternative to switching between winter and summer tyres.

With all-season, you have complete peace of mind that your tyres are prepared for weather changes ensuring you remain confident with on road performance.

The benefits of fitting all season tyres Vs Summer Vs Winter?

All season tyres occupy the middle ground in performance, providing a compromised driving experience throughout the year and avoiding the hassle of changing tyres bi-yearly. By using all season tyres you'll save money and effort between switching tyres, although compromising on some performance between seasons.

In many European countries with extreme winter conditions, legislations require drivers to switch from summer to winter tyres during colder months. In the UK however, there is no such legislation which can make winter road conditions tricky for many drivers.

All Season tyres are designed to offer consistent performance all year round; from hot summer days to cold wet winter nights. Special compounds and slightly more tread patterns ensure that you maintain road performance even when the temperature drops.

What this means for you!

  • All season tyres can be used year-round whilst maintaining a good level of performance and avoiding the need to switch between summer and winter sets
  • Decreased wear and tear results in increased mileage for improved cost efficiencies.
I live in the UK, should I fit all-season tyres to my vehicle?

Although there is no law on seasonal tyre fitments here in the UK, you always should consider the type of weather you experience throughout the year. If you live in an area of the country that experiences severe winter conditions, we would suggest a set of both summer and winter tyres which you can switch between. However, for places where the winter is not too harsh, then a set of all-season tyres would be suitable to ensure performance levels are maintained all year round.

Can You Mix All Season and Summer Tyres?

You should not mix all season tyres with summer or winter tyres. This is because different treads will cause traction issues and destabilise your handling when you need it the most.