Sidewall Markings

Tyre sidewall markings help vehicle users to identify, purchase and correctly maintain their tyres. Initially they were only used to help identify the tyre's make. Over the years, Government legislation has demanded safety markings be posted in order to help buyers know they are getting a legal tyre.

Markings now fall into two main groups:

  • Those essential markings which tyre manufacturers have long used to indicate make, size and type (including recommended inflation pressure and direction of rotation)
  • Markings which have been added over the years in order to respect the requirements of legislation in the principal areas where UK tyres are used: UK, USA, Australia and Europe
  1. Width of tyre in millimetres
  2. Profile height of a tyre sidewall as a percentage of the width
  3. The diameter of the wheels inner rim in inches
  4. Load Index indicates the maximum load the tyre can carry
  5. Indicates the maximum speed for the tyre
  6. The model name of the tyre. Unique to each manufacture
  7. Maximum load that the tyre is designed to carry (in both kg and lbs)
  8. Maximum pressure that the tyre is designed to be inflated to (in both bar and psi)
  9. Brand name of the manufacture