Geraldine McGovern

Geraldine McGovern

Geraldine has been pioneering the expansion of HiQ Fast Fit centres since the brand's inception over 8 years ago. Geraldine believes in giving customers the best possible experience at HiQ Centres - from the cleanliness of the reception area and quality of coffee, right through to value for money and adherence to new legislation, delivering "fast fit you can be sure of".

Articles by Geraldine McGovern

Tyre Labelling - An insider view

Here at HiQ we have been preparing for the new EU Tyre legislation for over a year and a half.

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Women taking a steer

Beyonce said they run the world, Spice Girls taught us that they have the power and Cyndi Lauper sang that they just wanted to have fun….…It’s a common perception that girls can’t really be found taking the lead at fast fit outlets, but it’s not very often you come across a network like ours.

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Fancy a chat?

If you've visited a HiQ centre, you may have noticed that we're quite a friendly bunch. Though our expertise lies in delivering the best in fast fit (and we've got the awards to prove it) we must admit we do love a good conversation.We've launched this blog to share with you something...more. More than just news. More than just product updates.

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HiQ welcomes tyre legislation with interest

In 2012, Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) will become mandatory on every new type approved car and in 2014 on every car sold.With the implementation of this new legislation, the European Commission gives a clear signal that Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems are important and necessary for consumers.

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HiQ touched by new Dunlop technology

The HiQ fast fit network has been touched by an innovative new tyre, which is set to appeal to city slicking drivers across the UK.Dunlop's SP StreetResponse range has been welcomed by the network, after learning about its 'Touch Technology' design.

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