Drum roll please...

The winners of our #ShareNewYear competition are:

  • Tina Higgins
  • Cheryl Edwards
  • David Wilson
  • Alison Macdonald

Congrats to our winners, you've each bagged yourself £250 worth of Love2Shop vouchers! So you can hit the shops and treat yourself this year!

Thanks also to all of you who entered, we loved hearing your New Year tales and resolutions for 2016!

Read the winners' stories below:

Tina Higgins

I remember my uncle doing his wassailing stunt when I was younger. He was so very, very drunk that he walked into the wrong house with his lump of coal.
He went into the neighbours house (who were at the time in our house enjoying the party). After a long and worrying wait we sent out a search team and they found him asleep on the neighbours sofa. We fell about laughing and he never lived it down.
Every New Year he is the topic of conversation. Bless him. Happy memories.

Cheryl Edwards

My New Years resolution is to do a kind deed for someone once a week.
This week I bought a new boy at work a KitKat to go with his coffee. He was so pleased that someone was kind to him, and said that it had made his day.

David Wilson

My new year's resolution is to get my motorbike licence so I can get my motorbike and side-car combination out on the road.

Alison Macdonald

Our New Years Eves aren't so rowdy since having kids, but they're just as special!
We've stuck to the same tradition for quite a few years now - starts off with an afternoon panto with grandparents, then home for a Chinese take-away with bottle of bubbly.
Then we read out the 'blessings' from our blessings jar which the whole family contribute to during the year (write on a piece of folded paper things that have made us happy/things we've achieved/enjoyed).
We take turns to pick one out and read it aloud. Always lovely to remember back over the year and how lucky we really are compared to some! If we're lucky we manage to stay awake until 12!