Welcome to the family, we would like to introduce our HiQ Monster Family...

Thanks to the success of our previous monster competition and our love of monsters we have created a Monstrous family; Mum, Dad, Teenager, the Twins and no family would be complete without the family pet.

Unfortunately our monster family is currently nameless and so we are offering you the chance to win one of six HiQ Monster Packs including Monster Movie, Popcorn , Finger Monster and HiQ Name a Monster Official Certificate.

Just post your chosen name as a comment on the blog OR our facebook post and you will entered in the draw to win: A monster movie, a finger monster and a BIG bag of Popcorn!

Please check out our fabulous MONSTER Tyre Sale here.

Individual Monster Naming Dates:

Mother - 6th May

Father - 8th May

Twins - 10th May

Teenager - 12th May

Pet - 14th May (close)

Deadline for entries 16th May 2014, so get naming our little Monsters.