A Bridgwater mechanic has been awarded £2,000 in prizes after winning a nationwide mystery shopper competition held by fast fit tyre specialists HiQ.

Ken Tyler, who runs the HiQ centre on Bristol Road, scooped the prize which included £1,000 in Thompson holiday vouchers, £750 Love2Shop vouchers and £250 to fund a team night out. As part of the competition, dealers who recommended tyres with high EU Tyre Label scores in wet grip and fuel efficiency were given an instant reward and entered into a draw to win the trio of prizes.

Tyler said: “As a centre, we have garnered a reputation for only selling quality tyres and the staff are fully trained with this in mind. We understand the importance of better informing drivers about how the EU Tyre Label can help them choose a tyre which is both safer in the wet and more fuel efficient. These aren’t the only criteria drivers should consider, but they are a great starting point for us to begin a conversation with the consumer about what they most need from their tyres.”

Whilst the shopping vouchers have been disseminated amongst staff, the party fund has been earmarked for a group golfing day as the team celebrate teeing off their success in style.