If you've visited a HiQ centre, you may have noticed that we're quite a friendly bunch. Though our expertise lies in delivering the best in fast fit (and we've got the awards to prove it) we must admit we do love a good conversation.

We've launched this blog to share with you something...more. More than just news. More than just product updates. The automotive sector is a vast and ever-changing one, and as technology offline develops and improves, so does technology here. We thought, what better way to share with the world our views on everything from new car launches to lamenting the rising cost of fuel than by creating a new blog?

We're already chatting. Our Facebook and Twitter followings are rising steadily, and each platform offers us something different. Twitter allows us to share bitesized chunks of knowledge, talk to our customers directly, keep up-to-date with the buzz and of course, stay abreast of anything and everything to do with the British Touring Car Championship.

Facebook is more of a HiQ community. Three, four, five way conversations covering everything from the Jubilee to an MOT and Breast Cancer Care charity fun. We also use it to reward our customers, hosting regular give-aways of things we think they'll really love. Because hey, why not? We're teetering on a double-dip recession, the very least we can do is share a bit of happiness online...

We see this blog as being something more.  Our very own soapbox, if you will. Our party horn. Our loudspeaker. Our very own Lord Mayor.

So hear ye, hear ye! If you want advice, thoughts, knowledge, expertise or just a good read, why not subscribe to our RSS feed and stay in touch? It's quality blogging you can be sure of!