For 25 years the pink ribbon has been a powerful symbol that unites millions of affected by breast cancer.

This iconic symbol has helped millions of women, men, their friends and families they live with, through and beyond breast cancer. This year as we celebrate its 25th birthday, this symbol remains as compelling as ever - a powerful symbol of hope, strenght and unity.

Breast Cancer Care has been positively changing the stories of millions of families and people and each story counts.

This year has been a special year where both HiQ and Breast Cancer Care celebrate their 25th birthdays together in a relationship that has seen HiQ raise over £114,000 by fundraising every year.

We are proud to be supporting such a cause on such a special occasion and that’s why this year we raised the bar and we set our objective to reach £120,000.

This October we have organised lots of activities for this Pink October to help raise awareness and support such an admirable cause.

Donate on our Just Giving page to show your support.