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In addition to oil renewal and filter replacement, an interim car service covers several visual system checks from suspension springs to brake pads and discs. It also includes fluid top ups for your power steering reservoir, anti-freeze and washer fluid.


Our interim service is recommended for high mileage drivers who want peace of mind between annual services or for those who frequently do short journeys in around town. Many new vehicles will alert you with the type of service that is due. We always recommend referring to your manufacturers handbook or calling one of our centres for guidance.


A full service is a more thorough inspection of your vehicle with a 53-point check that includes replacement air filters, pollen filters, external fuel filter and spark plugs (where required). We recommend a full service every 12 months or 12,000 miles however you should always refer to your manufacturers servicing schedules.

To help decide which of our car servicing options is best for you, use our simple comparison guide below or call your nearest HiQ centre.

*Please note: In-centre servicing inclusions may vary. For more information please contact your local centre.

What's included with our services?

Take a look below for more details on what's included in each of our car care services.

*Please note: Servicing inclusions may vary subject to location. For more information please contact your local centre.

Item Oil & filter Interim service Full service
Item Oil & filter Interim service Full service
Renew engine oil included included included
Replace oil filter included included included
Run engine and check for leaks included included included
Refit sump plug and replace washer if required included included included
On Level checks
Check vehicle lights included included
Check vehicle registration plate condition included included
Fuel cap condition included
Horn Operation included included
Dashboard Warning Lights included
Seat belts Front & rear (inc. lap belt) included
Windscreen wiper blades checked included included
Washer Jets included included
Shock Absorbers included included
Tyre wear/condition included included
Lubricate door hinges included
Under the bonnet
Renew air filter included
Replace pollen filter included
Check brake fluid levels included
Top-up brake fluid (If required) included
Top-up washer fluid included included
Check and top-up power steering resevoir included included
Check cooling fan operation included
Check coolant level and concentration % included included
Top up coolant included
Visual check of hoses and pipes included included
Battery check included included
Replace external petrol fuel filter* (additional cost for internal filters) included
Replace external diesel fuel filter* (additional cost for internal filters) included
Visual inspection of drive belts included included
Check timing/cam belt (Interval check only) included included
Replace spark plugs* (additional cost) included
Lubricate bonnet latch and hinges included
Under the vehicle
Check wheel bearings included
Check steering components included
Visual brake inspection included included
Remove wheels and inspect brake drums and shoes included
Remove wheels and inspect brake pads and discs included
Check brake system hydraulics included
Check brake servo included
Check handbrake operation included
Inspect exhaust system included included
Tyre pressures checked and adjusted included included
Check propshaft/drive shaft, joints and gaiters included
Check suspension springs included included
Check shock absorbers included included
Road Test
Check gearbox operation included included
Engine noises included included
Clutch included included
Exhausts operation included included
Steering included included
Final checks
Recheck engine oil levels included included
Check/adjust wheel nut torque included
Service book stamped included included