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primewell all season tyres

All season tyres offer a compromise between the performance of dedicated summer and winter tyres. They are a viable option for climates with moderate winter weather (light snowfall, with temperatures rarely dropping below freezing). With good control and grip in most weather conditions including light winter weather, they make for a practical solution for all year use.

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car tyres


0 reviews Our customer have rated the primewell PV600 0 out of 5

  • Vehicle type: Car
  • Available in sizes: 14"-16"
  • Supported speed rating: R, T, H, S, Q
  • Seasonality: All season

PV600 For Maximum Load and Optitmum Comfort

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4x4/suv tyres


0 reviews Our customer have rated the primewell PS830 0 out of 5

  • Vehicle type: 4x4/SUV
  • Available in sizes: 14"-15"
  • Supported speed rating: T
  • Performance rating: Standard
  • Seasonality: All season

An Everyday Tyre At a Price You Won't Find Every Day

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