Wednesday, 6th May 2020

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The HiQ fast fit network has been touched by an innovative new tyre, which is set to appeal to city slicking drivers across the UK.

Dunlop's SP StreetResponse range has been welcomed by the network, after learning about its 'Touch Technology' design.

According to Dunlop, the developmental aim held by the SP StreetResponse design team was to produce a tyre that offers drivers of small city cars superior dry handling qualities without compromising on wet performance or rolling resistance parameters.

This strong dry handling emphasis was to be provided courtesy of what Dunlop calls 'Touch Technology'; the manufacturer comments that the SP StreetResponse is its first standard tyre to include this innovation.

"The new Dunlop SP StreetResponse is the right tyre for drivers of small city cars who want to enjoy driving in an urban environment - providing an excellent mix of performance in both wet and dry conditions," said Frederic Schilling, Dunlop brand director for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The tyre's tread design features wide circumferential and lateral grooves; these, reports Dunlop, ensure maximum water dissipation and aquaplaning resistance. Bi-directional sipes and notches in the central rib have been put there to enhance wet surface grip in curves, the tyre maker explains.

Furthermore, it says the presence of L-shaped and Z-shaped sipes on the shoulder blocks should ensure excellent acceleration and braking on wet roads.

The tread compound used in the Dunlop SP StreetResponse is described as containing "an advanced tread compound with functionalised polymers that ensure better wet grip without compromising rolling resistance."

Functionalised polymers, elaborates Dunlop, ensure a strengthened interaction between the silica and polymer and a better distribution of the silica in the compound. This is said to ensure a reduced energy loss for good rolling resistance levels, while improving key performance parameters such as wet handling and braking.

HiQ's marketing manager Geraldine McGovern said: "HiQ is extremely excited by the Dunlop StreetResponse range. First impressions are hugely positive and we look forward to stocking the tyre around the network."

Find your nearest HiQ Centre and ask about the Dunlop StreetResponse tyres. Or discover more on the Dunlop website.