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Like all components, brakes deteriorate over time. But because it happens gradually, many people don’t notice the difference. As new cars continue to get more powerful, so this deterioration can become more and more dangerous.

So, please take a moment to think if you’ve noticed any of the following.

  • If you’ve heard a grinding noise when applying the brakes your pads could be excessively worn and needing to be replaced along with potentially damaged discs.
  • If you pull to one side when braking, this usually means a sticking or seized mechanical or hydraulic component.
  • If your pedal feels spongy there could be air in the hydraulic system due to a brake fluid leak.
  • If it pulsates you could have a distorted brake disc or drum.
  • More obviously, if your brake warning light is glowing like a Christmas tree on your dash or your handbrake is pulling up higher than it should (more than 6 to 8 clicks in modern cars) please don’t ignore it. Come in to see one of our HiQ brake specialists as soon as possible.


When checking your braking system we guarantee to be pedantic to the point of obsessive. We will check that:

  • The brake pedal is firmly connected to the master cylinder
  • The cylinder is properly topped up with the right brake fluid
  • The pressure created in the brake pipes and hoses is sufficient to activate the hydraulic pistons
  • The pistons correctly force the brake pads onto the brake discs (both of which we check for wear and tear).
  • So, when we tell you we’ve checked your brakes, you can feel reassured that we really mean it.