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Tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS)

What is TPMS?

A tyre pressure monitoring system is a feature that alerts the driver that at least one of the tyres have become under-inflated on that vehicle. Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems monitor tyre pressure without the need of a gauge and advise motorists by showing an illuminated symbol on the dashboard panel.

How does it work?

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems utilise military-spec technology on each road wheel to display an accurate tyre pressure and temperature reading for each tyre, direct to the driver in real time. This can be accessed permanently, or set as a ‘pre-flight check’ which then updates the driver if preset safety parameters are breached. This is displayed through a compact display screen that shows safe pressures in green, changing to red if the pressure or temperature moves to a dangerous level. If you are unsure of what your optimum tyre pressure should be. Why not use our handy tyre pressure guide.

What are the benefits of TPMS?

Correct tyre pressures enhance safety, tyre life and fuel economy. Early indication of pressure loss should also allow the driver to get the tyre checked by at their local HiQ centre before there is any danger or damage to the tyre, reducing inconvenience and expense.The big benefits aren’t just financial. Optimum tyre pressures mean increased safety and more predictable road handling. Reduced fuel consumption also brings reduced emissions. So, it’s something we can all realistically do to reduce our carbon footprint.