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Onboard diagnostics


What is vehicle diagnostics?

Modern vehicles are becoming ever more technologically advanced. And so are the tools and equipment that you need to repair them. We can offer full vehicle diagnostic repairs using the latest tools and software to quickly discover the fault with your vehicle. These tools are also required to reset the fault codes on your vehicle’s on-board diagnostics.

  • Full diagnostic service available
  • Service light and fault code reset
  • Quick airbag, ABS and engine management fault finding

At HiQ we undertake electrical repairs and vehicle fault finding. We are also able to diagnose any DPF faults including DPF regeneration, replacement DPF filters for most makes & models and pressure & temperature sensor replacement.

Many of our centres are able to offer testing and repairs on engine ecu's, instrument panels, airbag modules, immobiliser modules, key fob remote controls and abs/traction control modules.

For information please contact your local HiQ centre.