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How do airbags work?

The airbag is an essential component of a vehicle which provides the driver a soft cushioning and prevents serious injury if a collision should occur. When a vehicle hits something, the vehicle’s speed will decline rapidly. If the braking is great enough, the accelerometer will detect the force of the collision and send this information to the airbag sensor which then causes the bag to inflate.

How can we help?

This technical process shows that you need specialist tools and equipment to diagnose an issue, reset and repair these parts. If there is a fault with the airbag, a warning light should appear on your vehicle’s dashboard, this could mean that the airbag may not deploy during a collision. You can bring your vehicle into HiQ so our experienced technicians can repair this issue. At HiQ our technicians offer a full airbag and ABS fault finding and repair service which can get you back on the road, swiftly and safely.