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Tyre Labelling

Find out what your tyre is trying to tell you

Here you will find everything you need to understand tyre labelling. Check out our handy pages below to get the low down on everything from wet grip, road noise to ensuring your tyres are energy efficient.

How a tyre effects road efficiency

A rolling tyre deforms and dissipates energy. The energy lost is known as rolling resistance and directly impacts on fuel consumption and the environment. Find out more here.

Gripping the road in the wet

Tyres with excellent wet grip have shorter braking distances on slippery roads – essential for keeping you safe in the rain.

Tyre road noise

The exterior noise of a tyre is measured in decibels (dB) and depicted by one, two or three sound waves on the label. One wave is the best, three the worst. Find out why here.

The full story of labelling

You will find this familiar looking label on every tyre you purchase in the EU. Understand what each part means here.

Tyre labelling

The anatomy of a tyre label

The tyre label will provide customers with information that is: objective, reliable, comparable.

Tyre labels

Important Aspects When Comparing Tyres*


* European Commision, 2019

NOTE - Bars in black and green indicate that the feature was considered very or extremely important, and the features are ordered on very/extremely important.

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Find out what the recommended tyre pressure is for your vehicle, or find your next set of perfect tyres by using our handy tools below.

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