Why Does my Car Air-Con Smell?

Friday, 31st July 2020

It's likely that your car air-con smells because of a build-up of moisture and bacteria in the air vents. This causes a bad smell within the car.

And up to two thirds of motorists are putting their health - and bank balances - at risk by failing to service their air conditioning systems regularly.

It’s important to have your car air-con serviced to prevent this smell and stay healthy.

Failure to Service Car Air-con Reduces Fuel Efficiency & Could be Bad for Your Health

According to HiQ, seven out of 10 motorists fail to service their air-con systems regularly and some not at all, leading to decreased levels of fuel efficiency and even asthma related health problems.

Over time, air-con gas gradually depletes which then impacts upon fuel efficiency levels because the engine must work harder.

When air conditioning systems are working effectively, a pool of water collects underneath a car as it removes any moisture.

If the system has not been serviced or had a replacement pollen filter fitted, then this moisture can become a harbour for germs and bacteria.

The combination of moisture and bacteria in the air vents then causes a bad smell inside the car, while the levels of bacteria have been linked to asthma and respiratory problems.

It is imperative for motorists to get their air conditioning systems serviced and the pollen filter replaced regularly, for both health and financial reasons.

Like anything car related, a poor performing system or accessory will lead to problems which many motorists don't appreciate.

We advise that air-con systems need to be serviced every two years for optimum performance with a recharge gas top-up service once per annum.

It is important for motorists to get their air-con systems serviced to avoid any unwanted problems and to use it on a regular basis throughout the year to keep the components lubricated and working correctly.

Use Your Car Air-Con in the Winter

Air conditioning systems are equally effective in the winter, despite many motorists not appreciating its value in the colder months. Because the AC system dries the air inside the car, it can be used to great effect in the winter to demist the windows. Setting the temperature to warm and pressing the AC and recirculation buttons will help clear a misty windscreen much faster.