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Seized Injector Removal

Removing Seized Injectors

Injectors can sometimes become stuck in cylinder heads leading to poor fuel economy and misfiring. Our experienced technicians are equipped with a range of hydraulic extraction tools designed to removed seized injectors effectively.

Signs your injector might be seized:

  • Engine fault light
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Engine misfiring
  • Engine vibrations

We remove injectors so that they can be cleaned or replaced. Using up to 35 tons of force, we can remove seized injectors that have been locked in their place through leakage, corrosion, a carbon build-up or a reaction between metals. Our method means that we don't need to dismantle your car any more than necessary. We can removed seized injectors with no more access than a traditional removal requires.

Emergency Injector Removal Service

We get the job done, fast! If you need to get a seized injector removed and don't have time to wait for other specialists, then call us now for our emergency injector removal service. We keep the tools and equipment with us at all times, for a fast response whenever you need us.

Contact your local centre today for more information about our fuel injector removal service.