Wednesday, 6th May 2020

Many customers get blinded by the smooth curves and bright, shiny colours of a luxury cars. However, how many of those customers consider other aspects except for the initial price when making this purchase?

Here are some things you may wish to consider when purchasing a luxury car:

1) The reliability of the car. There have been some luxury cars that customers have found many faults in after they have purchased it. On the test drive, you should listen out for any strange noises the car makes and test out every possible feature. Even if its just the matter of the touch screen freezing or not connecting to the Bluetooth on your mobile device, it is better to walk away as this could be an issue that is more complex than it may seem. It is also useful to check customers reviews of the car and also the car dealership to ensure they are credible and you are making a good purchasing decision.

2) The practicality of the car. Does the car suit your lifestyle? Will you be using the car for a long commute everyday or do you need it to take the kids to school? The leg room, boot space, material of seats, engine noise, sound insulation should all be suitable for your lifestyle.

3) The running costs of the car. Many customers do not consider the costs it takes to run a car, for most vehicles this mainly includes the fuel costs, insurance, tyres and servicing. It is useful to know how much it would cost to fill up a tank of fuel, to compare different insurance companies for the best price and to know how much a new tyre would cost. Many people become blind sided by their monthly costs as the initial monthly cost of buying a car may seem low but can increase significantly with the running costs. Some manufacturers may offer a free maintenance package to encourage the customer into making a purchase. When it comes to electric cars, although some dealers will fit the charging station in your home for free, it is important to consider how long it will take to charge the car and how much it will increase your electricity bill by. After considering these factors, can you afford the total monthly costs of this car?

4) The environmental impact of the car. The environment is becoming a big factor car companies consider when designing the car, it is something to start thinking about as a driver too. Are you happy purchasing a car that burns through fuel fast or are you after a car that is more fuel efficient and greener for the environment. Bare in mind that some insurance policies now reduce their prices for cars that are rated greener.

5) Your future plans. Buying a luxury car is expensive and an investment in many peoples cases. Therefore it is important to consider not just your current situation, but your future plans too. As an example, if you are planning on expanding your family, what features would you need this car to have? Another option would be to sell the car when it becomes unsuitable for your lifestyle, in this scenario, the rate at which the car depreciates is important. Some cars depreciate and loose value a lot faster than others, is this important to your situation?

We hope you have found this useful!

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