Wednesday, 6th May 2020

As the days get shorter and the nights draw longer, make sure you're prepared for the drop in temperatures.

Here is a guide of 14 essentials to keep in your car during winter:

1) Blankets

Car heaters can be unreliable at times, keep a blanket in your car as a precaution. Especially in case of a breakdown and if the car doesn't start, you will not be able to turn the heating on whilst you wait to be rescued.

2) Mobile phone charger for the car

During long drives, mobile phone batteries are likely to run low, keep your phone charged in case you need to call for emergency services. However make sure not to use them while driving to prevent getting fined.

3) De-icer spray and scraper

For when the temperatures drop more and you need to see out your windshield. Fact: It is illegal to only scrape the snow off your windscreen and leave it on your roof as this can melt and block your vision.

4) Unperishable Snacks and Water

For those long winter drives. Keep yourself alert and energized. Especially important if you are broken down or stuck in a snow ditch

5) Rock salt or sand

Useful to get out of a snow ditch or on an icy road.

6) Tow Rope

In case of emergencies, if you have broken down or crashed you will be able to move your car and get back on the road in no time.

7) An empty container for gas

No one wants to be stranded with no fuel in the tank, especially in cold, icy conditions. Why not keep an empty container for petroland if broken down, walk to the nearest petrol station and fill it up.

8) Jump leads

In the winter, engines in older cars are more likely to seize up and so having jump leads in the car can help start the engine back up again.

9) Spare Tyre or Tyre Repair Kit

Always make sure you have one of these in the boot of your car so that in case of a flat tyre you are able to get to the nearest auto-mechanic centre.

10) Gloves, scarves and spare winter clothing

It is always better to be prepared than not, cars are unpredictable and heating systems can be unreliable so always keep spare winter clothes for those extra cold days.

11) First aid Kit

This is something that should ideally be in the car all year round. However in the winter it is easier to slip and slide on the icy roads, as a pedestrian or a driver. Always be prepared for the worst case scenario.

12) Shovel

In heavy snow periods it can be easy to get stuck in snow ditches and not have enough grip on your tyres to get out of them. A shovel can help you clear the way for your tyres to get out of this difficult situation.

13) Torch and extra batteries

Getting stuck or breaking down on dark rounds with minimal street lighting can be dangerous, make sure other cars can see you on the side of the road with a torch.

14) Washer fluid

Always keep spare washer fluid to make sure your windscreen is clean and you can see clearly. This is especially important in difficult weather conditions such as snow, sleet, or fog.

These tools will make sure you are kept warm and safe and are prepared for any situation that you may be faced with.

To help prevent any difficult situations caused by cold weather, always fit winter tyres- they are designed and tested for temperatures of 7°C and below. Read more about winter tyres here.