Fast Fit Friday Videos

Wednesday, 19th January 2022

To reinforce HiQ Tyres & Autocare as your local tyre and car care experts, we have taken the opportunity in the New Year to release weekly videos following the theme: Fast Fit Friday.

These videos are short yet informative, providing our customers with an insight into who we are and what we do.

Our first video of these series was “How we service your car”, to demonstrate what each type of service actually involves, and why they may be necessary.

The video describes what’s involved within a Major, Full and Interim Service as this may be new and useful information for our customers who are uncertain about what their vehicle may require or which may be most relevant for their personal needs.

For example:

  • Major: “A Major service is an extremely thorough inspection of your vehicle covering everything from fuel filter, spark plugs and pads”
  • Full: “A Full service is a thorough inspection of your vehicle with a 53 point check covering everything from essential fluids under the bonnet to disc pads and breaks”
  • Interim: “Our Interim service is recommended for high mileage drivers who want peace of mind between annual services”

Future videos in this series will showcase other products and services that HiQ offer, such as Wheel Alignments, Vehicle Diagnostics, and Oil & Filter Services.

These clips will enable existing and potential customers to better understand what their vehicle my need and why HiQ should be the trusted and obvious choice to book with.