Wednesday, 6th May 2020

While car batteries can die during hot weather, flat batteries are typically linked to cold due weather when cold winter conditions inhibit the chemical reactions necessary to make the battery work and turn the engine of your car after a cold winter night.

Batteries can go flat for many reasons and this could be avoided with regular maintenance, especially during the winter period where a flat battery can prevent you from your morning commute. So, in this case is vital to do regular battery maintenance as dead batteries are the number one cause of breakdown callouts during the winter in the UK.

1. Regular checks

Try to visually check any signs of corrosion on your battery every time you lift your bonnet. If you find some corrosion it might be time to invest in a new battery.

2. Lights and electronic devices

New cars are equipped with a lot of devices like USB ports, lights, heaters and other equipment that if left on overnight can flatten your battery. In this case try to not leave any electronic equipment on overnight to avoid having a flat battery the next morning.

3. Short Journeys

This is one of the reasons why your battery could be flat. If you regularly do short journeys what starts to happen is that the alternator and the engine are not given enough time to recharge the battery. Driving longer journeys will help the battery recharge itself and reduce the chance of a flat battery.

4. Depressing the clutch

When starting your engine try to depress the clutch as it takes less effort for the battery to start your engine.

5. Warning signs

If you see dashboard lights going dim or noises like clicks as you turn on the ignition, these are all signs of a flat battery.

6. Get your car serviced regularly

Poorly maintaining your car can provoke a chain of reactions starting from an overly strained battery to an overworked engine. Get your car in for a battery check at your local HiQ.

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