The Importance of Tyre Pressure

Tuesday, 26th October 2021

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Likewise, having an incorrect tyre pressure will cost you – literally! Having underinflated tyres can increase fuel consumption by about 5%, leading to higher bills and costs. Furthermore, having the wrong tyre pressure will inevitably cause premature tyre wear, meaning your tyres will need replacing sooner to avoid dangerous accidents. Stopping distance can be increased up to 8 meters - even potentially more for longer and heavier journeys, or in bad weather. Additionally, underinflated tyres can negatively impact braking and steering, again increasing the possibility of a severe incident. Meanwhile, overinflated tyres could cause tyres to overheat and eventually even blowout as a result of reducing contact with the road’s surface. Adding this pressure to the tyres is what makes the tyres work harder and subsequently uses more fuel.

However, these circumstances can be prevented by ensuring that your tyres are maintained at the suitable tyre pressure, as stated within your vehicle handbook. It is solely the car owner’s responsibility to regularly check the vehicles tyre pressure (around once per month), especially before a long journey, and then to rectify it if it’s incorrect. With an increased vehicle weight from extra passengers and luggage, many vehicles need to have their tyres inflated to a higher pressure to stay safe. Still, never inflate a tyre to a greater pressure than the maximum that is indicated on the sidewall of the tyre.

In order to efficiently check your tyre pressure:

  • Make sure the tyres are cold so that the reading is accurate
  • Check the vehicles specific tyre pressure requirements in the handbook
  • Use a pressure gauge at home or at your local HiQ garage
  • Adjust to the level recommended in your vehicle handbook

To make sure you check your tyres regularly, it is recommended to set personal reminders or our HiQ Tyres & Autocare centres offer a free trye check, free tyre pressure check and free vehicle health check by appointment to ensure your tyres and car are as safe as they can be.

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