Wednesday, 6th May 2020

Published: 2 years ago

Even if you are a careful and cautious driver sometimes you cannot control events outside of your vehicle. With this in-car camera you can always keep a record of what occurred and when.


Dashcams growth:

Dashcams have been growing massively over the last 4 years from 1% ownership to more than 15% of drivers now owning a Dashcam. Having one can be the answer in settling insurances disputes and claims, and can improve the way you drive.

Types of Dashcams:

  • Front view cameras, they are used to capture everything that goes on in front of you;
  • Front and back view, they have the advantage of recording both the front and behind your car to capture rear end collisions.


A recent RAC study affirms that 25% of people believe fitting a dashcam will improve their driving, while 69% of those who have had an accident involving a dispute over who was responsible, think having one would have been useful.

Why use a Dashcam?

  • You can benefit from a discount from your vehicles insurance
  • It could help settle a claim faster in your favour
  • It could prove that you weren’t at fault for an accident

Goodyear Offer

For the month of June, we are having a Dashcam promotion in our HiQ Stores!

Buy 2 or more 16”+ Goodyear Tyres to receive a Dashcam worth £85.

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