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Why fit original equipment tyres?

Why fit OE tyres? Original Equipment tyres are designed and tailored to meet the specific demands of car manufacturers in order to ensure optimum performance on the road. At HiQ we always recommend fitting OE (original equipment) tyres. More information on the benefits and OE design process can be found below.

Car & driver

The right tyre will help deliver optimised driving experience, after all the tyre was built for the car...

  • To deliver optimised vehicle performance and ride
  • And are a crucial component part of the vehicle

They’re the only contact your vehicle has with the road surface and as such, greatly influence the driving performance.

The tyre


In a straight line tyres connect you to the road with the contact area of four handprints.

When cornering your contact area reduces to just four thumbprints.

Tyres are bespoke designed to the marque, model, type and specification of your car.


  • Handling: Dry/Wet/Stability/Steering Feel & Response
  • Braking: Dry and Wet
  • Ride comfort: Impacts/Harshness/Flat Spotting
  • Noise: Smooth/Rough Surfaces/Cabin/Pass-by
  • Treadwear: Wear/Rates/Regularity
  • Rolling Resistance: Fuel Efficiency

Defining trust

You can trust the manufacturer to provide you with a range of innovative highly engineered tyres bespoke built to help you retain vehicle and ride performance and integrity.

At the lab

A lot goes into a tyre at the development laboratory.

200+ different materials and components to choose from for the tyre.

A tyre has to deliver performance in conflicting design and development areas.

For example, a tyre that performs well in the wet AND in the dry and a tyre that delivers fuel efficiency but also lasts a long time.

Be assured

The Original Equipment (OE) tyre is built bespoke to each vehicle, tuned to each chassis and designed to deliver optimum ride and performance.


All tyres are tested. Manufactures give a tyre a testing time. 50+ tyre performance characteristics.

The end result

An OE tyre helps deliver you the optimum ride, performance characteristics and tyre life from your vehicle.