Parts & Servicing made simple at HiQ Harborne (Birmingham)

Car Services & Car Parts from HiQ Tyres & Autocare Harborne (Birmingham)

Gold service

Expert technicians, the latest diagnostic equipment. Welcome to a comprehensive service that’s solid gold.

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Silver service

Our interim service covers all the bases and gives your car a clean bill of health.

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Oil & Filter

It’s very important that your car has a regular oil service.

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More servicing options

Our centres off a wide range of services, so why not let our HiQ Academy trained technicians use the latest equipment to keep your car happy and healthy? Check out all of our servicing options.

Tyre pressure monitoring system service (TPMS Service)

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems monitor tyre pressure without the need of a gauge and advise motorists if their tyres are losing pressure.

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Vehicle diagnostics

Modern vehicles are becoming ever more technologically advanced. And so are the tools and equipment that you need to repair them.

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Ad Blue refill

If you're a diesel car driver your AdBlue tank will need to be topped up between services.

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Platinum upgrade

Get an advanced formula engine and fuel system flush to prevent premature wear, reduce emissions and improve performance.

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Our centres offer a wide range of parts, meaning HiQ could be your one stop shop for motoring happiness.

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