Brake Discs

The discs themselves are fitted to the inside of your car’s wheels. As you apply pressure to the brake pedal, brake fluid pushes a piston against the caliper, causing it to squeeze the pads against the disc. This in turn slows the turning wheel and therefore, the car down. Brake Discs wear down overtime and have a specific manufacture thickness to enable safe braking, when discs fall below this thickness they require replacing.

A worn disc can cause the vehicle to pull to one side when braking or a high pitched squeal to emit from the brakes.

Miles better services

We get it. MOTs and car services are not the type of calendar events you look forward to. But if you look after your car, it’ll look after you. With HiQ, you’ve come to the right place. We’re all about doing things proper. So, whether it’s a minor service or a major one, we’ll see you right. And as we’re local, you can save on time and fuel miles.