You Can Always Turn to Us for an Honest Opinion

At HiQ, we believe in building honest relationships with our clients. So if you have a problem with your steering, we’ll tell you, and if you don’t, we’ll tell you that too.

It might be that your steering is hunky-dory and something else is causing your car to veer or respond differently when you turn the wheel. Whatever the problem, you can rest assured that our HiQ technicians have all the know-how needed to sort it out.

Keeping you going in the right direction is important to us.

As you can imagine, different cars have different steering set ups. Today, the most common system is the ‘rack and pinion’. In addition to this basic mechanical set up, secondary techno features can be included too. The most popular is Power Steering, Speed Adjustable Steering and Four-wheel Steering.

To a greater or lesser degree (or in combination) these allow you to turn your road wheels with less effort, more control or increased ability - often dramatically reducing your car’s turning circle.

As you’d expect, we have huge amount of experience with all mechanisms and features, so when it comes to steering, you’re in safe hands at HiQ.

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