Silver service + MOT

An interim service and MOT at HiQ

Get the convenience of having everything rolled into one. Our interim Silver Service includes draining and replacing the oil, the oil filter and the screen wash fluid. Not to mention a thorough inspection of everything from shock absorbers to the exterior lights. And with a fixed price, you’ll know exactly where you stand.

We’ll replace

  • Engine oil
  • Oil filter
  • Screen wash fluid
  • Plus thorough inspection of everything from shock absorbers to the exterior lights.

We’ll never change anything without your say so.

Benefit of a lower price and a great time saving too

Silver service + MOT work schedule

The following items will be observed and comments made as necessary.

  • Check External Lights and Horn
    • Side, Tail, Main, Dip, Stop, Reverse, Indicators, Hazard, Fog, Spot
  • Check Wipers and Washers
    • Front, Rear & Headlamp, top up washer bottle with screen wash fluid
  • Change engine oil & filter, run engine, check for leaks
  • Inspect hoses & fasteners, radiator and connections, check for leaks
    • Check and adjust antifreeze concentration
  • Check battery charge, terminals secure
  • Visual inspection & report condition of drive belts, where accessible and visible without removing covers
  • Inspect & report on exhaust
  • Inspect & report on shock absorbers
  • Inspect & report on brake wear, condition & fluid top up
  • Inspect, check and adjust pressures, report on all 5 tyres
  • Tyre condition and tread depth

Gold + MOT

Benefit from greater convenience and a more competitive price than if you had them done separately. Perfect.

Platinum upgrade

Get an advanced formula engine and fuel system flush to prevent premature wear, reduce emissions and improve performance.

Warranty approved

Now you can reduce your servicing costs without compromising your warranty - no matter what make or model vehicle you drive.