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February 2017

Alan C

February 2017

HiQ Ilkeston Tyres & Autocare

HiQ Ilkeston take great pride in making sure they are always giving 100% when it comes to customer satisfaction. This means that they really value customers leaving feedback for their centre, so they can improve for the future. HiQ's customer service initiative sees a customer win £100 Love2Shop vouchers every month for reviewing a centre. For the month of February, customer Alan C has won the Love2Shop vouchers, after leaving a lovely review for the centre.

This is what Alan uploaded to HiQ Online after visiting HiQ Ilkeston:

My daughter hit a raised drain cover while on her way to work, in her Ford Fiesta, badly damaging the front drivers steel wheel rim, preventing the tyre from sealing. Made my mind up that we needed a new rim and contacted HiQ Ilkeston and spoke to Debbie. She was very helpful, and offered advice where I could get one and that HiQ could sort it all out for me, by ordering a new rim and refitting the tyre. She did also say that there was a possibibity the rim could be repaired by their staff. The car was needed daily by my daughter who commutes to Matlock daily and was driving on her spacesaver spare. I tried to get a rim from various sources but couldn't get one anywhere without ordering and waiting days for it to come. I called at HiQ, and showed the wheel to one of the young mechanics there who said straight away the rim could be repaired. I left it with them and collected the following day, the tyre had been removed, the rim straightened out, tyre replaced and rebalanced. They had even put a bit of black paint on the repair to prevent corrosion. Great job and excellent service - and the cost? £10. Now I appreciate this was not HiQ's biggest job of the year, but I know that several places would not have gone to this trouble and replaced the rim and probably tried to sell me a tyre as well. Thank you Debbie, and Gary who did the job - will not hesitate to use you again in the future and recommend to friends and family.

HiQ Ilkeston are thrilled to see their customer win this month & have told us “We love reading customers comments about our centre, we like to find out about their experience and we are always looking for ways to improve. Its great to get recognition for good customer service and we also always welcome constructive feedback too. Well done Alan!”