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March 2018

Matthew Rumbelow

March 2018

HiQ Egremont Tyres & Autocare

For the month of March, our HiQ centre in Egremont are overjoyed that their customer Matthew has won the £100 Love2Shop vouchers for his lovely feedback after his visit to the centre.

Matthew uploaded the following review to HiQ Online after visiting HiQ Egremont:

The HiQ Egremont team completely saved the day last weekend. After a wet and miserable walk around Langdale on Friday, my car developed a bad knocking sound from underneath and a weird sound when changing gear. Fearing the worst, I still had to get back over the Wrynose and Hardknott pass to our Youth Hostel, not to mention being over 200 miles from home with three mates with me and a weekend of walking still ahead. A nervous drive from Eskdale through Gosforth and finally into Egremont on Saturday morning saw every single garage closed. Everywhere was like a ghost town. By chance, I found HiQ in Egremont. I was expecting the same dismissive knock back I'd just had in the Ford garage ("an Audi? Nah mate, you'll have to go to Carlisle for that..."). What a lovely surprise to find a business a) open and b) more than happy to take a look. I was looked after by Eliot, who drove it onto the ramps and quickly discovered not a blown turbo as I'd feared, just a broken clamp and loose section of exhaust. A part was immediately ordered and delivered half an hour later (with many apologies for the time taken!) It was fixed there and then for practically nothing. No rip offs, no tutting or shaking of heads - just polite, friendly and efficient service from everyone at HiQ Egremont. Guys, THIS is what customer service should be. Long and short - the weekend's walking was saved and I didn't have to call the AA and go home on a flatbed. Brilliant.
HiQ's customer service initiative sees a customer win £100 Love2Shop vouchers every month for their feedback on our website. This is to ensure that HiQ's level of customer service is constantly improving. The team at HiQ Egremont have said: "We are pleased to see one of our customers win this month. We encourage customers to leave a review for us once they have visited, and we love reading their feedback. Well done Matthew and happy spending!"