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Sava FREE Accidental Tyre Damage Warranty

Peace of mind wherever you go. Sava Free Accidental Tyre damage warranty.

Making a claim
Contact your local HiQ Centre should you wish to make a claim. Your HiQ Centre will validate your claim by checking your warranty and that the nature of your claim is valid. You will need to provide your original HiQ sales invoice and completed warranty leaflet provided to you from your centre visit. Your HiQ Centre will then be able to calculate your entitled percentage allowance, if the tyre complies with the terms and conditions.
How is my percentage discount calculated?
Although tyres are road-legal to 1.6mm, HiQ always recommend replacement at 3.0mm in order to maintain optimum drive performance and safety, therefore the first 3.0mm of tread is not counted. Your HiQ Centre will measure the remaining legal tread on your tyre. The tread will be measured in the centre and on the edges of the tyre to ensure an accurate and consistent reading. If any measurements on the tyre are below 3.0mm, no credit will be given.
The decision of the HiQ Centre is final. By looking at the corresponding discount table you can see how the amount of remaining legal tread is converted to a percentage claim allowance. This allowance is then redeemed as a percentage discount against the current selling price of your new replacement Sava tyre. The terms of this warranty require that the replacement tyre fitted is the same size as the original and is a Sava tyre. Your old warranty leaflet along with the damaged tyre will be retained by the HiQ Centre and a new warranty leaflet will be issued to cover the new tyre.

Discount Calculation Table

Remaining usable tread depth6.5mm up to 7.5mm90%
5.0mm up to 6.5mm70%
4.0mm up to 5.0mm50%
3.0mm up to 4.0mm20%

Warranty Exclusions
• Damage sustained through competition use
• Acts of vandalism or theft
• Damage due to the poor fitting or removal of a wheel and/or tyre
• Acts of God, fire, accident damage or ensuing problems
• Problems resulting from not following prescribed tyre inflation pressures
• The use of defective and/or unsuitable wheels
• Loads exceeding prescribed limits as set by the vehicle manufacturer
• Towing trailers of a weight and/or size in excess of vehicle specifications
• Deterioration caused by prolonged contact with acids, solvents,
hydrocarbons or mineral oils
• Wear caused as result of mechanical defect in the vehicle
• This list is non exhaustive and could include other exclusions
*Claims considered will be for qualifying Sava tyres bought from participating HiQ Centre’s only.