Wednesday, 6th May 2020

The HiQ fast fit network is attempting to educate motorists about multiple changes to the MOT test, thanks to a reassuring communication campaign designed to remove any 'unwanted surprises' on the forecourt.

From January 1, a number of new mandatory test items have been added to the annual MOT to comply with a revised European testing directive.

HiQ is therefore urging motorists to speak to their nearest centre manager about the changes when booking their test.

HiQ fast fit manager Stuart Carr said that some problems previously deemed 'advisory' will now fail the standard MOT test and he wants as many motorists as possible to know more about the changes.

He said: "HiQ prides itself on being a fast fit network of trust and transparency, so it is our duty and commitment to alert motorists about what differences there are in the modern MOT test.

"We are desperate to remove any unwanted surprises on the forecourt and ensure that each motorist is fully aware of the changes, both before, during and after the test itself."

The Government agency responsible for MOT testing, VOSA, has indicated a transition period in which failures relating to some of the new test items will be made advisory until April 1st 2012. Other items are subject to the new regulations with immediate effect.

HiQ is calling for motorists to get any problems looked at sooner rather than later at their nearest HiQ centre and to even consider faults that were not normally tested.

Stuart added: "It is important to raise awareness of these changes so motorists are aware of what they could face at their next MOT testing.

"We've no doubt that the new directive will cause a bit of confusion among motorists before the new system becomes effective in April.

"We'd therefore like to urge motorists to get in touch with their nearest centre and book an appointment to have any problems seen to within the next few months."