Planning to go on a Summer trip soon? How to prepare your car

Wednesday, 6th May 2020

As summer holidays begin for the little ones, thousands of families and motorists will hit the road this summer, creating some congestions on the major motorways. For this reason, it is best to be prepared for long trips to avoid braking down on roads baked in sun, with no idea on how to resolve a potential breakdown. To avoid these scary scenarios, here are our top HiQ checks:

Yes, you guessed it…

  • Tyres

Tyres are one of the most important things to check, especially when making long trips. Check each tyre and try to look for any bulges or cuts of any kind. Then check each tyres tread depth, by law you will have to have at least 1,6mm of tread depth across the middle two thirds of the tyre. But we recommend 3mm as the more tread you have, the more control you will have and you also will be able to stop the car safely.

To do this we recommend using a tread depth gauge and insert into the tread, or alternatively use a 20p coin. Another thing to do is to check your tyre pressure on all tyres, including the spare tyre if you have one. Also check our tyre guides for more tips and advice on safety checks and to know the ideal tyre pressure for your car.

  • Coolant checks

In summer, coolant has a really important and vital job to perform.

A leaking cooling system or an inoperative cooling fan could cause long term damage to the engine. Also, make sure the oil and coolant are at the right levels according to your cars handbook.

  • Windscreen washer fluid & Lights

Check the levels of your windscreen washer fluid and the washer head adjustments. Another important thing to check is the exterior and interior lights. Run a check to see if there is any light that needs changing, you don’t want to breakdown in the dark with some of your exterior lights out of order.

Other considerations:

  • If you are taking a caravan with you, make sure you check tyre conditions of the caravan and the breaking system;
  • Check your dip stick for oil to see if you have enough oil. If you dont have enough, make sure to top up before setting off;
  • Take plenty of water and refreshments with you on long trips;
  • Have appropriate rest before setting off and plan your journey ahead of time;
  • Check your aircon system to see if it's properly working - Aircon systems could be harmful if you have not changed the filter in a while.
  • Bring additional engine oil, water and windscreen wash for topping up if you ever need to;

If you need any further mechanical advice, feel free to contact your nearest centre by clicking here.