Wednesday, 6th May 2020

Beyonce said they run the world, Spice Girls taught us that they have the power and Cyndi Lauper sang that they just wanted to have fun….

…It’s a common perception that girls can’t really be found taking the lead at fast fit outlets, but it’s not very often you come across a network like ours.

Last year, we ran a poll of 2,000 British motorists and found, shockingly, that 70% of women don’t find visiting a garage a trustworthy experience. 33% of women felt nervous or wary of visiting a garage and 24% of women get a partner to deal with the problem.

We couldn’t have felt more disappointed that this was how women felt. In true HiQ spirits, we didn’t rest on our laurels and immediately went to turning an industry that for so long had been dominated by men completely on its head. If there’s one thing we really relish, it’s a challenge.

At every level, we have a strong team of women who are driving the change we’re aiming for. ‘Fast fit you can be sure of’ is more than a strap line to us; it’s a code to live by. Confidence is something we know we need to restore and we’ve got a team of confident women in the driving seat to take this forward.

On a local level, we’ve got women such as Claire Mason (centre manager at HiQ Lanark), Debra Robinson (MD of HiQ Ilkeston) and Emma-Jane Kisby (Marketing manager of the HiQ franchise in the Midlands) taking the reins. HiQ centres are at the heart of their local communities and the change must start there.

Nationally our own in house marketing, brand and PR team, are passionate, dedicated, and focused on changing the industry, and a fair few of us are women! We believe it's vital that our all of our customers, regardless of their gender, feel comfortable and at ease when sorting out their car needs. After all, it’s not rocket science - it’s a shopping experience.

You should expect fair and transparent pricing, a clean and decent environment and expert trusted advice from a local business rooted in the community. A nice cup of tea and the latest issue of Grazia doesn’t go amiss either…