Why Goodyear?

Monday, 14th February 2022

As Goodyear’s new brand video, ‘Why Goodyear’, reinforces: Goodyear is the number one choice for a multitude of reasons:

  • Efficiency – Goodyear specialises in fuel-saving and short-breaking for easier journeys
  • Grip – Tyres are engineered to have maximum grip and handling
  • Innovation – Always looking to the future, Goodyear are one step ahead in the industry
  • Performance – Goodyear are proud to produce tyres with optimised performance ability
  • Durability – Tyres that are designed to last longer with up to 25% higher mileage

These reasons combined, alongside the history and outstanding reputation of the Goodyear name, have built this brand to become our best rated and bestselling premium tyre.

In recent years, Goodyear have released a series of new, high-performance tyres, such as the Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 and the EfficientGrip Performance 2. In 2022, customers can expect to see the release of the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6, which will focus on a stronger dry performance, excellent wet braking and will be suitable for an electric vehicle future.

Meanwhile, Goodyear pride themselves on their notable presence within the Tyre Testing and Awards industry, as this brand maintains an exceptionally high number of awards and ratings, which reiterates their renowned quality. These achievements include the prestigious Auto Express Product Award and the Evo Tyre Test Awards.

Goodyear constantly pushes the boundaries to improve what they already excel in, to ensure their tyres are the very best they can be.

Your car’s performance and indeed your life depends on this high-quality rubber, so choosing Goodyear tyres guarantees an efficient and reliable journey, whatever the weather.

HiQ Tyres & Autocare also offers a Free Accidental Tyre Damage Warranty with any purchased Goodyears, to ensure peace of mind on the road. This is exclusive to HiQ!

With Goodyear, you’re guaranteed to travel safer, smoother, and feel more empowered.

To browse a range of Goodyear tyres, click here.

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