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More servicing options

Our centres offer a wide range of services, so why not let our HiQ Academy trained technicians use the latest equipment to keep your car happy and healthy? Check out all of our servicing options.


Our centres offer a wide range of parts, meaning HiQ could be your one stop shop for motoring happiness.


Accessories to make your pride and joy comfortable as well as adding personality.

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Most batteries don’t require regular maintenance; however it’s always good to check on them every now and then.

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Like all components, brakes deteriorate over time. But because it happens gradually, many people don’t notice the difference.

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Bulbs & Wipers

Our technicians can fit new bulbs and wipers while you wait.

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When it comes to keeping your clutch in order, we’ve got everything under control.

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There’s a lot more to your car’s exhaust than you might think.

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Shocks & Suspension

Suspension systems offer more than just a comfortable journey.

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At HiQ, we believe in building honest relationships with our clients.

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Brake Fluid Change

Brake Fluid Change. Vehicle manufacturers recommend this is changed every 2 years Over time the hydraulic brake fluid absorbs moisture and other contaminants which can seriously affect braking performance.

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New Brakes

New Brakes, The cost of new brakes depends on the make and model of your car. Choose the add to basket option and we will contact you direct with a quote bespoke to your car. We only use quality parts from approved suppliers .

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Brake Pads

Brake Pads The pads are fitted in the caliper with their friction material almost touching the two sides of the brake disc, These can wear out over time which can result in a warning light on the dashboard or a squeaking noise coming from the brakes.

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Brake Discs

Brake Discs. They are fitted to the inside of your car’s wheels. As you apply pressure to the brake pedal, brake fluid pushes a piston against the caliper, causing it to squeeze the pads against the disc. They wear down over time & have a specific manufacture thickness to enable safe braking.

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FREE Brake Check

When booking a free brake check, we'll visually examine your brakes for any faults. We'll check the pads, discs, hoses, pipes and calipers to ensure your brakes are working as expected. Your safety is our priority!

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We’re dedicated to ensuring each and every customer leaves our HiQ centre happy. We value your feedback because it’s one of the best ways we can improve our services to you.

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